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  • Broken Gargoyles
    Published by: Source Point Press

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    • [Broken Gargoyles #2 (Product Image)]
    • 26 January 2021

      Discontinued Broken Gargoyles #2

      After rescuing Wilcox from the Circus, Prescott and his men make their way to an oilmining town to make the exchange for the weapons they stole, Manco and the Bureau are hot on their trail, as well as a Russian general.

    • Discontinued
    • [Broken Gargoyles #3 (Product Image)]
    • 27 October 2020

      Discontinued Broken Gargoyles #3

      As Prescott and his crew find themselves facing certain doom amongst a horde of miners, Marco and the Bureau of Investigation race to intercept the stolen weapons of war before the Russians beat them there and move ahead of America in the arms race. Hell is about to be unleashed.

    • Discontinued