• Series: Lipstick Cliqa Published by: Scout Comics

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    • [Lipstick Cliqa #3 (Cover A Cameron Prior) (Product Image)]
    • 13 Mar 2024

      Pre-Order Lipstick Cliqa #3 (Cover A Cameron Prior)

      After Morissa’s grandmother is killed by a rival gang called the Stitches, Morissa and her Lipstick Cliqa crew vow revenge. Morrisa and the LSC conspire with the Chamberlains to kick the invading Stitches out of the Boils-only to be double-crossed and nearly wiped out by the ruthless Chamberlains.

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    • [Lipstick Cliqa #2 (Cover A Cameron Prior) (Product Image)]
    • 14 Feb 2024

      Lipstick Cliqa #2 (Cover A Cameron Prior)

      Morissa and her gang of shape-shifting cholas are back with a vengeance. The crew battles rival gangs to protect their home turf and take control of the lucrative blood trade business. Emerging victorious from a wild street takeover competition, Morrisa and her gang impress the rulers of Blood World City, who offer them a life-and-death deal they can’t refuse…

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