• Series: Count Dante Published by: Scout Comics

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    • [Count Dante #6 (Product Image)]
    • 6 Dec 2023

      Count Dante #6

      Winning a battle is not the same as winning the war. Count Dante may have defeated Ken Eto through the very strength of his will, but some enemies have reach beyond the grave.

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    • [Count Dante #5 (Product Image)]
    • 7 Nov 2023

      Discontinued Count Dante #5

      Dante has discovered that not all victories are sweet. The Count may have won his tournament, but the outfit ransacked his dojo and murdered his friend. When that happens, there is only one thing left to do dojo war.

    • Discontinued
    • [Count Dante #4 (Product Image)]
    • 31 Oct 2023

      Discontinued Count Dante #4

      Too brutal for Hollywood, Dante now turns his attention to the bloodsport tournament that will make him a legend. But the Count will soon discover that not all wars are fought on one front. And some wounds hurt more than others…

    • Discontinued
    • [Count Dante #3 (Product Image)]
    • 3 Oct 2023

      Discontinued Count Dante #3

      Hollywood is calling. Keehan is in love. And the Black Dragon Society is hosting a huge, full-contact tournament on live TV. Sure would be a bad time for an old enemy to show up.

    • Discontinued
    • [Count Dante #2 (Product Image)]
    • 26 Jul 2023

      Discontinued Count Dante #2

      Having finally opened his dream dojo, Keehan gins up publicity through a series of increasingly dangerous martial arts exhibitions. But while it does attract students, it also brings our hero to the attention of a rival dojo’s dangerous sensei-Haruki Endo, the dreaded Pit Viper.

    • Discontinued