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  • The Dark Age
    Published by: Red 5 Comics

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    • [Dark Age #7 (Product Image)]
    • 20 July 2021

      Dark Age #7

      The secret for restoring civilisation is in humanities grasp, but will it be Riker or the Empire of America who ends up with it? Find out in the conclusion of The Dark Age!

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      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.50
    • [Dark Age #6 (Product Image)]
    • 22 June 2021

      Dark Age #6

      Riker and his band learn why metal disappeared and uncover an even darker, more incredible secret, one that can either save or damn humankind forever.

      • Back Issue Price
      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.50
    • [Dark Age #4 (Product Image)]
    • 10 December 2019

      Discontinued Dark Age #4

      The secret of the monoliths has been revealed and now the fractured remnants of humanity must decide whether to change their future or not in the stunning conclusion of The Dark Age!

    • Discontinued
    • [The Dark Age #1 (Product Image)]
    • 7 August 2019

      The Dark Age #1

      Featured on Free Comic Book Day, from the creator of The Rift! In the near future all metal on earth suddenly turns to worthless piles of rust and dust.

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      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.30
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