• Series: Smash! Published by: Rebellion / 2000ad

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    • [Smash! #2 (Product Image)]
    • 2 Jan 2024

      Smash! #2

      The King of Crooks latest heist has gone badly wrong, he has been trapped in Maxwell Towers by the caretaker computer programme running the building and Robot Archie is closing in on capturing the arch-criminal. Forced to face his fears on the nightmare inducing-thirteenth floor and evade the team-up of two AI programmes, this could be the master thief’s last stand. This eighties-set thriller is brought to you by Paul Grist (Jack Staff) and Jimmy Broxton (Goldtiger).


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    • [Smash! #3 (Product Image)]
    • 29 Dec 2023

      Smash! #3

      The six decade-spanning adventure comes to an explosive conclusion as Cursitor Doom is outwitted by a former sidekick, and the demon trapped in the stone idol since the time of Janus Stark is unleashed.


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    • [Smash! #1 (Product Image)]
    • 8 Nov 2023

      Smash! #1

      In Victorian London, when Janus Stark traps a demon in a stone idol he creates a prize too alluring for criminal masterminds to resist, and 60 years later the King of Crooks organises his Crime Syndicate to heist the statuette.


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