• Hulk (2021)
    Published by: Marvel Comics

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    • [Hulk #10 (Product Image)]
    • 2 Nov 2022

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      ‘HULK PLANET’ PART TWO! Starship Hulk has found what should be the ultimate paradise - an entire planet of Hulk-like creatures thriving under the heat of a gamma star.

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    • [Hulk #8 (Product Image)]
    • 17 Aug 2022

      Hulk #8

      ‘BANNER OF WAR’ FINALE The time for victory has come! In the final installment of the epic crossover between the HULK and THOR series, Marvel’s two heaviest hitters expend their rage on one final, brutal brawl that will answer once and for all which of these heroes is the strongest.

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    • [Hulk #7 (Product Image)]
    • 25 May 2022

      Hulk #7

      ‘BANNER OF WAR’ PART THREE! In the third instalment of the epic crossover between the HULK and THOR series, Iron Man interrupts a pivotal moment of Hulk and Thor’s battle to settle a score.

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    • [Hulk #2 (Product Image)]
    • 16 Dec 2021

      Discontinued Hulk #2

      ‘MAD SCIENTIST’ PART 2 OF 6 Bruce Banner finally has total control with the Hulk locked away. But with a tight grip on his plans, Bruce forgot one thing: variables can happen at any time and this one? Even Bruce couldn’t have imagined. The craziness continues, as the Hulk hurdles further into space, but they are not alone out there! RATED T+

    • Discontinued
    • [Hulk #1 (Product Image)]
    • 25 Nov 2021

      Hulk #1

      ‘MAD SCIENTIST’ PART 1 OF 6 The uncontrollable rage of the Hulk has reached an all-new level, and nobody - including the Avengers - is prepared to handle it. But is it really the Hulk that people should be afraid of, or is there something missing to this puzzle?

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