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  • Oct, 2017 Pre-Order

    • Pre-Order £ 1.95 RRP £2.60   You Save: £0.65 (25%)

      After saving Archer City from the superpowered KKK rampager known as the Storm Fighter, the Formidables find they are not yet done with hate and prejudices, as the citizens turn against them when they learn who their new saviors are.

    • Pre-Order £ 1.95 RRP £2.60   You Save: £0.65 (25%)

      In 1959, a supervillain wearing a KKK inspired costume goes on a rampage in Archer City to protest the desegregation of schools. It is time for Pr Frank Foster and his young allies, who have been presumed dead for one year, to come out of hiding and face this menace.