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    • [Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 (Product Image)]
    • 5 Feb 2014

      Bleeding Cool Magazine #8

      Only $1.99 for over 100 pages of original content you can’t get online! Kieron Gillen’s smash hit, Uber unleashes an exclusive #1/2 comic that you can only get right here! Uber #1/2: Sieglinde delves deep into her origin and each copy of Bleeding Cool Magazine #8 has a unique redemption code so you can read it. This code gets you one Free digital copy of this issue, but also allows you to order a limited print copy, certain to be a must-have collectible for Uber fans. Also in this issue, we get a sneak peek into the biggest X-Files conspiracy ever! And this issue’s cover from the upcoming Idw X-Files event is so confidential, that we can’t show it to you until the Cigarette Smoking Man gives us the all-clear. We also celebrate Darwyn Cooke’s new Richard Stark’s Parker: Slayground series with some behind-the-scenes material on the multi-award winning Parker comics. Rich Johnston tells us the winners and losers of 2013 and looks ahead to the biggest comics on the horizon! Brendon Connely takes us behind-the-scenes of the biggest upcoming movies with exclusive photos and scoops on Hollywood’s super events. Follow along with our Collections Into Cash and Price Guide features to keep track of the latest trends and ways to profit from your comics. Delivering over 100 pages per issue on a bi-monthly release schedule, each issue is full of articles that are Not Available On The Web!

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    • [Bleeding Cool Magazine #4 (Product Image)]
    • 31 Mar 2013

      Bleeding Cool Magazine #4

      Rich Johnston continues his scoops and snark as we look at the biggest geek releases of the Summer! From the top comic releases and the hottest Indy titles, to all the biggest news from World War Z, The Wolverine, and more! This issue also features his look at the Top Women Working in Comics list and a special interview with Stan Lee! Exclusive behind the scenes interviews and images turn Bleeding Cool Magazine into your source for summer scoops. Delivering over 100 pages per issue and a bi-monthly release schedule, you are not going to want to miss Rich’s Life in the Gutters, hot book price guide, and back issue speculation columns. Over a million monthly BleedingCool.com visitors can’t be wrong! Delivering the best of comics and film with the right mix of innovation, snark, and spell-checking, it’s Bleeding Cool!

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