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  • Syphon
    Published by: Image Comics

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    • [Syphon #3 (Product Image)]
    • 22 September 2021

      Pre-Order Syphon #3

      When Sylas was gifted with the power to siphon other people’s pain from them and take it on himself, he never could have imagined that he was the latest in a line stretching back to the dawn of civilisation or that his dark mentor Antonio has been killing those with the power for millennia.

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    • [Syphon #2 (Product Image)]
    • 26 August 2021

      Syphon #2

      After being gifted with the power to siphon pain from others, Sylas found new purpose in life, but the weight of carrying others’ burdens gradually wore him down. After meeting the mysterious Antonio, he discovers another side to the power, the ability to steal people’s pleasures from them.

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    • [Syphon #1 (Product Image)]
    • 20 July 2021

      Syphon #1

      When a fast-living EMT is entrusted with the power to sense and siphon pain from others, Sylas is presented with a new purpose: to ease the misery of those around him.

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      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.60