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  • Postal: Deliverance
    Published by: Image Comics

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    • [Postal Deliverance #5 (Product Image)]
    • 26 November 2019

      Postal Deliverance #5

      NEW STORY ARC! Eden has a vicious new serial killer on the loose and it’s put Mark and Laura at odds on how to deal with the crisis. Mark meets Pascal for the first time and a bit of jealousy arises.

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    • [Postal: Deliverance #4 (Product Image)]
    • 8 October 2019

      Discontinued Postal: Deliverance #4

      Mark has a reckoning with the sociopath he maimed, the monster he may have just created. Laura creates her own monster in the mind of young Pascal, and both Mark and Laura will have to accept the horror-and the power-of their own natures.

    • Discontinued
    • [Postal: Deliverance #3 (Product Image)]
    • 10 September 2019

      Postal: Deliverance #3

      It’s an election year in Eden, and Mark must decide if his future lies in this town of fugitives, or outside of it-in a world he doesn’t understand.

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      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.60
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    • [Postal Deliverance #2 (Product Image)]
    • 6 August 2019

      Postal Deliverance #2

      Mark learns that being the Mayor of Eden might be the same as being its prisoner. Laura can’t seem to retire her savage ways in Florida, and a child’s life hangs in the balance. Both of them are about to discover their true natures.

      • Back Issue Price
      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.35
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