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  • Bermuda
    Published by: IDW Publishing

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    • [Bermuda #4 (Cover A Bradshaw) (Product Image)]
    • 20 October 2021

      Pre-Order Bermuda #4 (Cover A Bradshaw)

      The epic conclusion is at hand… can Bermuda and her friends survive?! Can THE WORLD even survive?! The door between dimensions is finally open, thanks to the science of our world, and the sorcery of Bermuda’s. Now both worlds are threatened, and the only hope for either is the brave 16-year-old island adventurer known as Bermuda!

      • Pre Order Price
      • £3.30
      • RRP £4.50
    • [Bermuda #3 (Cover A Bradshaw) (Product Image)]
    • 15 September 2021

      Bermuda #3 (Cover A Bradshaw)

      Bermuda must get to the north shore of Triangle, the island that is at ground zero of a bizarre dimensional portal-it’s a two-day ride via passenger lizard or it’s a half-day walk if you’re willing to sneak through Soldier’s Bay.

      • Back Issue Price
      • £3.30
      • RRP £4.50
    • [Bermuda #2 (Cover A Bradshaw) (Product Image)]
    • 17 August 2021

      Bermuda #2 (Cover A Bradshaw)

      John Layman and Nick Bradshaw’s adventure epic continues! Bermuda’s no fool. She knows better than to take on the Mers, the savage aquatic race of slavers who terrorize all who wash up on the mysterious island of Trangle. But recent arrival Bobby Randolph is determined to save his missing sister, so he goes looking for help in the one place he absolutely should not-Piratetown!

      • Back Issue Price
      • £3.30
      • RRP £4.50
    • [Bermuda #1 (Cover A Bradshaw) (Product Image)]
    • 29 July 2021

      Bermuda #1 (Cover A Bradshaw)

      Presenting a fantastic adventure by New York Times best selling and multiple-Eisner award winning writer John Layman (CHEW, DETECTIVE) and gorgeous art by Nick Bradshaw (SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE).

      • Back Issue Price
      • £3.30
      • RRP £4.50