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  • Tongues
    Published by: Fantagraphics Books

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    • [Tongues #5 (Product Image)]
    • 15 Jun 2022

      Bagged & Boarded Tongues #5

      Prometheus receives an unexpected visitor with earth-shaking tidings, Astrid meets an enemy underground, Nico and Teddy Roosevelt are ambushed, there’s an explosive argument between brothers and someone loses their head.

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    • [Tongues #4 (Product Image)]
    • 15 Jun 2021

      Discontinued Bagged & Boarded Tongues #4

      Gods die, centuries pass. Astrid is brought low by the Rings, then descends deeper. The Swan King gets swallowed up in light, Teddy Roosevelt has a bad dream, and the Eagle learns something about human music. Chapter four packs a pretty big punch.

    • Discontinued
    • [Tongues #2 (Product Image)]
    • 14 May 2019

      Bagged & Boarded Tongues #2

      The second issue of Tongues draws readers deeper into the enigmatic, interconnected stories of a god imprisoned on a mountainside, an eagle – his apparent jailer, and a young American wandering into trouble in the wilderness with a teddy bear.

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      • £11.99
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    • [Tongues #1 (Product Image)]
    • 22 Aug 2018

      Tongues #1

      Award-winning indy artist Anders Nilsen (Big Questions, The End, Dogs and Water) is back, with the first issue of his new full-colour series Tongues.

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      • £9.65
      • RRP £13.99
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