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  • Purgatori (2021)
    Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

    We are currently awaiting the release of the next issue of Purgatori (2021).

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    • [Purgatori #5 (Cover A Fuso) (Product Image)]
    • 2 Mar 2022

      Discontinued Purgatori #5 (Cover A Fuso)

      Purgatori has to bet it all. The Coven of young body-stealing witches are all in on the last hand in this game - and they’re set to take everything. If they win, every soul Purgi’s got, every power she’s accumulated - including her own - are theirs for the taking. Is there any way for Purgatori to come out on top? It’s time to see what everyone’s holding. It’s time for someone to lose. And lose big!

    • Discontinued
    • [Purgatori #3 (Cover A Fuso) (Product Image)]
    • 22 Dec 2021

      Purgatori #3 (Cover A Fuso)

      Purgatori on the Nile! It’s time for a game of crocodile-and-mouse in Africa with the coven of Purgatori’s least favorite witches, and the river’s going to run red with someone’s blood. Purgi knows that killing her enemies isn’t a problem – it’s what they’re doing to her mind after they’re dead that might very well destroy her.

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    • [Purgatori #2 (Cover A Fuso) (Product Image)]
    • 18 Nov 2021

      Purgatori #2 (Cover A Fuso)

      Purgatori! She’s the girl with the great horns and the biggest body count. Now she’s fighting battles inside and out – monsters trying to kill her in the trackless forests of Europe, and witches trying to take control of her one-track mind.

      • Back Issue Price
      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.60
      Currently unavailable
    • [Purgatori #1 (Cover A Fuso) (Product Image)]
    • 20 Oct 2021

      Discontinued Purgatori #1 (Cover A Fuso)

      DEBUT ISSUE! From the team that brought you the seismic VAMPIRELLA VS. PURGATORI series comes the solo follow-up for the demon of dark humour! Purgatori’s really living the vampire demon life. She’s got Lilith’s nasty mind worm eating her willpower.

    • Discontinued