• Series: Justice Ducks Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

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    • [Justice Ducks #5 (Cover A Andolfo) (Product Image)]

      Justice Ducks #5 (Cover A Andolfo) £3.10

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    • [Justice Ducks #4 (Cover A Andolfo) (Product Image)]
    • 20 Mar 2024

      Pre-Order Justice Ducks #4 (Cover A Andolfo)

      Gosalyn makes a new friend! He’s nice, but kinda odd maybe a little strange OK, he’s an alien. An alien hiding out on Earth, for mysterious reasons. And when those ‘mysterious reasons’ show up to take Gos’s new friend, the JUSTICE DUCKS are in a pickle. Do they let the authoritative aliens do their thing, or do they protect the slightly strange alien kid from evil forces?

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      • £3.30
      • RRP £4.90
    • [Justice Ducks #1 (Cover A Andolfo) (Product Image)]
    • 23 Jan 2024

      Justice Ducks #1 (Cover A Andolfo)

      Darkwing Duck Is Teaming Up - Whether He Likes It or Not! Foes of evil! Enemies of injustice! To the mighty heroes of the JUSTICE DUCKS, all bad guys are a total bummer and must be taken down - even if said bad-o’s are from OUTER SPACE! In this thrilling maiden issue: Flying saucers descend from the skies, to (maybe) wreak (possible) havoc upon the (mostly) innocent citizens of St. Canard!

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      • £2.65
      • RRP £3.90