• Series: James Bond: 007: 2024 Published by: Dynamite Entertainment

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    • [James Bond: 007: 2024 #3 (Cover A Johnson) (Product Image)]
    • 20 Mar 2024

      Pre-Order James Bond: 007: 2024 #3 (Cover A Johnson)

      Inimitable author GARTH ENNIS accelerates the action in his inaugural James Bond tale with part three of ‘Your Cold, Cold Heart!’ The hunt for the stolen STALVODA formula has led Bond into orbit, where he meets a man from the project’s shady past - but 007 soon learns he’s not the only killer in space. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Moneypenny suddenly finds she’s also a target!

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    • [James Bond 007: 2024 #2 (Cover A Johnson) (Product Image)]
    • 20 Feb 2024

      James Bond 007: 2024 #2 (Cover A Johnson)

      Garth Ennis returns to Dynamite and brings us his first James Bond series - ‘Your Cold, Cold Heart’. As Bond tracks the deadly path of Stalvoda and learns more about its origins, he faces another kill squad determined to stop the 00 in his tracks. But he may prefer facing gunmen on Terra Firma to the cold hell of space, as his trail leads him higher than he’s ever been before.

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