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  • Wildcats
    Published by: DC Comics

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  • 30 October 2019

    Discontinued Wildcats #3
    [Wildcats #3 (Product Image)]

    The wild CAT is partly crewed by members of an expedition from another planet. They have caught the attention of another expedition.

  • 25 September 2019

    Discontinued Wildcats #2
    [Wildcats #2 (Product Image)]

    There is a way station floating in the Bleed, the space between macrocosms. It is a still point in the whole of reality, where a woman is trying very hard not to go insane and make everything die.

  • 28 August 2019

    Discontinued Wildcats #1
    [Wildcats #1 (Product Image)]

    They have one job: to save the human race from the human race. And it’s going to kill them. From the pages of THE WILD STORM, the piratical covert team made up of rogue specialists, extraterrestrial soldiers and a mad astronaut, run by a tech mogul and disguised alien king, all here to stop us from destroying ourselves.