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  • Batman: Annual
    Published by: DC Comics

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  • 12 December 2018

    Batman: Annual #3
    [Batman: Annual #3 (Product Image)]
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    • £3.30
    • RRP £4.25

    ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PENNY!’ Alfred Pennyworth has been Batman’s most trusted ally and confidant since the Dark Knight first hit the streets of Gotham City.

  • 29 November 2017

    Currently unavailable Batman: Annual #2
    [Batman: Annual #2 (Product Image)]
    • Back Issue Price
    • £4.25
    Currently unavailable

    Travel back in time with us to see the early days of the Bat and the Cat. What was Bruce and Selina’s first date? How did this rivalry blossom into romance, and then go right back to being a rivalry again?