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  • BRZRKR (Berzerker)
    Published by: Boom! Studios

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    • [BRZRKR (Berzerker) #6 (Cover A Garbett) (Product Image)]
    • 20 October 2021

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      What revelations will B. unlock when his handler’s life hangs in the balance? During a mission to retrieve an artifact from a museum in the midst of an ongoing civil war, B. saves his handler, Jim, from a chopper explosion. As he races to get his gravely injured friend to the extraction point, B. reveals new secrets from his past, but little does he know that Caldwell and Diana are secretly recording everything.

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    • [BRZRKR (Berzerker) #1 (Cover A Grampa) (Product Image)]
    • 2 March 2021

      BRZRKR (Berzerker) #1 (Cover A Grampa)

      Discover the next blockbuster action franchise from the iconic KEANU REEVES in his Must Read comic book writing debut alongside New York Times best-selling co-writer Matt Kindt (Folklords, Bang!) and acclaimed artist Alessandro Vitti (Marvel’s Secret Warriors) in a brutally violent new series about one immortal warrior’s fight through the ages.

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