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    • [Simpsons: Illustrated #13 (Product Image)]
    • 1 October 2014

      Simpsons: Illustrated #13

      First, Ned Flanders travels through the pits of Hell, when Rod and Todd are possessed by demons, turning Springfield upside down. Then follow Mr. Burns through the Amazonian rain forest as he goes in search of a fountain of youth elixir.

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    • [Simpsons Illustrated #12 (Product Image)]
    • 30 July 2014

      Discontinued Simpsons Illustrated #12

      Ned Flanders goes on a road trip of self-discovery, and while he’s away, Cletus and his kinfolk set-up housekeeping at the Flanderosa. It doesn’t take long before their backwoodsy ways have Homer fussin’ and a fixin’ for feud.

    • Discontinued