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  • Miles To Go
    Published by: Aftershock Comics

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    • [Miles To Go #5 (Product Image)]
    • 2 September 2021

      Miles To Go #5

      Revelations about the true nature of Amara Bishop and her daughter lead them into a frightening new chapter of their lives, and ‘retired’ killer Moses Graves must decide if he’ll follow them past the point of no return.

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    • [Miles To Go #4 (Product Image)]
    • 9 April 2021

      Discontinued Miles To Go #4

      Amara Bishop and her daughter Alea learn that running away can’t help the family left behind, and retired assassin Moses Graves realises that retirement isn’t always permanent.

    • Discontinued
    • [Miles To Go #3 (Product Image)]
    • 22 December 2020

      Discontinued Miles To Go #3

      Barely escaping an ambush at home, Amara and Alea regain their bearings in a small town that holds deeply personal revelations for their partner on the run, aging hitman Moses Graves.

    • Discontinued
    • [Miles To Go #1 (Cover A Molnar) (Product Image)]
    • 22 September 2020

      Miles To Go #1 (Cover A Molnar)

      Amara Bishop is a newly single mother with a long-buried past. Raised by an alcoholic father in a rundown trailer, Amara was a child when she learned to kill. And she hasn’t killed an-yone since she was thirteen.

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