• Series: Heroine Heaven Published by: Ac Comics

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    • [Heroine Heaven #5 (Product Image)]
    • 8 May 2024

      Pre-Order Heroine Heaven #5

      Amazonian Arachnids is the theme this issue, a collection of rare, spider-themed classics featuring 1940’s costumed heroines; starring The Spider Queen, Spider Widow and the truly bizarre Spider Woman!


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      • £3.75
      • RRP £5.80
    • [Heroine Heaven #4 (Product Image)]
    • 23 Jan 2024

      Heroine Heaven #4

      Focus on a pair of the rarest superheroines of The Golden Age, in glossy full color! The feature-length origin of AmaZONA, and one of the earliest examples of a ‘gods on Earth’ heroine, Diana the Huntress. High-quality reprints featuring classic, glamorous no-nonsense adventuresses who can handle any situation.


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    • [Heroine Heaven #3 (Product Image)]
    • 5 Sep 2023

      Discontinued Heroine Heaven #3

      Great collection spotlighting obscure costumed heroines from comic’s Golden Age!


    • Discontinued
    • [Heroine Heaven #2 (Product Image)]
    • 16 May 2023

      Discontinued Heroine Heaven #2

      Follow up to AC Comics’ surprise hit of 2022! Rare reprints of great Golden Age ‘Good Girl’ art superheroines!


    • Discontinued
    • [Heroine Heaven #1 (Product Image)]
    • 6 Dec 2022

      Discontinued Heroine Heaven #1

      First issue of a great new full color sampler focusing on reprints of great ‘Good Girl’ art superheroines of comics’ Golden Age!


    • Discontinued