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Judoon Captain

[Wave 3 Action Figures: Scovox Blitzer]
[Wave 4 Action Figures: 10th Doctor In Blue Suit]
[Wave 3 Action Figures: Dalek With Mutant Carrier Power Of Daleks]
[Wave 4 Action Figures: 11th Doctor In Green Jacket]
[Wave 4 Action Figures: The Foretold]
[Electronic Moving Dalek: Dalek Sec]
[Electronic Moving Dalek: Emperors Guard Dalek]
[Electronic Moving Dalek: Asylum Dalek]
[Electronic Moving Dalek: Bronze Dalek]
[Wave 4 Action Figures: Amy Pond In Brown Jacket]
[Wave 3 Action Figures: 10th Doctor In Blue Suit & Long Coat]
[TITANS: 10th Doctor (6.5 Inch Edition)]
[TITANS: Bad Wolf TARDIS (6.5 Inch Version)]
[Wave 2 Action Figure: Zygon]
[Wave 2 Action Figure: The 11th Doctor In Tweed]
[Wave 2 Action Figure: Clara In Red Dress]
[Wave 2 Action Figure: Screaming Angel]
[Wave 2 Action Figure: Imperial Guard Dalek]
[Wave 2 Action Figure: Dalek With Claw Arm]
[Wave 3 Action Figure: The 12th Doctor Regenerated]