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[Action Figure Collectors Set: City Of Death]
[Action Figures Collectors Set: The Seeds Of Doom: 4th Doctor & Krynoid 2 Pack (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]
[Action Figure Collectors Set: Attack Of The Cybermen 1985: Peri & Rogue Cyberman (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Uncle]
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[Character Building Army Pack: Cyberman]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: NASA Spaceman & Flesh Mask]
[Action Figures: Leela Face Of Evil]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Cyberman (Chest Damaged)]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Corroded Cyberman Limb Electric Shock Hand]
[Action Figure Set: Leela & Stor: Invasion Of Time]
[Action Figure Collectors Set: Enemies Of The 1st Doctor (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Silent Closed Mouth With Lightning]
[Action Figure Collectors Set: Image Of The Fendahl (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Doctor With Beard]
[2011 Wave 2 Action Figures: Cyberman]
[Action Figure Collectors Set: Remembrance Of The Daleks]
[Exclusive Action Figures: Classic Pyramids Of Mars 4th Doctor]
[Action Figures: Fifth Doctor (Regeneration Burgundy Outfit)]
[Action Figures: The Master & Axon: Claws Of Axos]
[Action Figure 2 Pack: Cyberleader & Cyberman Silver Nemesis]