Taran Matharu's Guide To Forgotten Legendary Creatures

30 April 2018

New York Times best selling author Taran Matharu introduces the Legendary Creatures of his Summoner series

Forgotten Legendary Creatures
In the world of the Summoner series, powerful mages known as Summoners are able to capture and control demons from another plane of existence to battle alongside them. When conceiving my demonology, of which there are almost a hundred, I looked to the world’s mythologies for inspiration. Below are some of the most weird, awesome and deadly creatures I found in my search:

The Kamaitachi

Appearing much like an overgrown weasel with a single sickle-like claw on each paw, Kamaitachis hail from Japanese yōkai mythology. Their claws are so sharp that their wounds are painless.

A Kamaitachi from the Summoner series. Illustration by David North.

The Gunni

Derived from Australian cryptid sightings, the Gunni is described as a wombat-like creature with antlers. A stuffed replica was even displayed at  Marysville Visitors' Information Centre, before being destroyed by a fire in 2009.

A Gunni from the Summoner series. Illustration by David North.

The Hippalectryon

The Ancient Greeks have been depicting Hippalectryons since the 9th century BCE, with the half-horse, half-rooster appearing in vase paintings and even as statues.

A Hippalectryon from the Summoner series. Illustration by David North.

The Veo

Thought the origins of this legendary creature are hazy at best, the myths surrounding the Veo almost certainly come from locals on the islands of Java and Borneo, after discovering fossilised remains of large pangolins that grew up to 8 feet in length.

A Veo from the Summoner series. Illustration by David North.

Had you heard of any of these before? Let me know in the comments! And if you’d like to see strange creatures like these go into battle, feel free to check out the Summoner series. I’ll be signing copies in London’s Forbidden Planet Megastore on Wednesday 2nd May at 6:00pm too!

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Taran Matharu