Santa's Top 5 Essential Xmas Gifts!

7 November 2014

Santas Top 5 Essential Xmas Gifts

Santa's Top 5 Essential Xmas Gifts!

Adventure Time Christmas Jumper

Mathematical! Make it Adventure Time this Christmas with Finn and Jake and this gorgeous seasonal jumper.

In a cotton/poly mix, this gorgeously soft red sweater is a roomy medium with a chest measurement of about 36” – 40”.

And, just to make Christmas extra-special, there’s a blue one as well!

10th Doctor Gallifrey Collection

Celebrate the world's favourite space-and-time-travelling adventurer with the latest range of TITANS from Titan Entertainment - a multiverse of figures to collect!

You’ll get one 3” figure in the box, and it could be the Doctor himself, Captain Jack Harkness or K9, or even The Master or the Supreme Dalek!

Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword

Notch up a win with this EVA foam sword!

Ideal for slaughtering a wide range of Minecraft baddies, this sword should withstand more than its listed 1562 uses, and it looks great.

We can’t say it’s made from real diamond, though.


Bring some colour and some retro gaming magic to your life!

Connect one brick to the mains with the enclosed cable, and the rest will simply light up as you place them in position.

It’s endless hours of fun and might just be as compulsive as the game itself!

Grandville Noel signed by Bryan Talbot

No badger does it better, but Bryan Talbot’s Detective Inspector LeBrock may be in over his stripes.

A unicorn messiah, mysterious crime lords and kidnapped housekeepers – and LeBrock still has to be home for Christmas dinner! Hardcover edition, signed by Bryan Talbot.