Larger (and Larger than life) heroines in Romantasy and Science Fiction Romance

29 April 2024


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Larger (and Larger than life) heroines in Romantasy and Science Fiction Romance by Ruby Dixon.


Once upon a time, all romance heroines had a standard look. There were usually waves of flowing red hair, violet eyes, ample bosoms and a tiny waist that the hero could span with his hands. These Barbie-like heroines could be a lot of fun, but seeing yourself in the heroine? Not likely to happen.

Unless you’re a magical unicorn of a human born with violet eyes, of course.

Right now, we’re seeing a lot of heroines that don’t fit the normal mold. I don’t want to call it a trend, because trends come and go, and this is something I’d love to stick around for a while. I’m a larger woman myself, and so when the heroine finds that the clothes she’s borrowed aren’t made for someone with three D’s in her bra size, or her thighs rubbed together while she ran and chafed, I can relate. And so can readers.

My upcoming release, Barbarian’s Taming, features a larger heroine. She knows her butt is big and that she’s got an ample waist, but she never lets that stop her. She speaks up to the point of annoying others, she takes action when some hesitate, and when she decides she wants to have sex, she pursues her man. It was a lot of fun to write Maddie, and I love that she looks sexy and confident on the cover, too.

In honor of Maddie, I thought I’d round up other science fiction romance and romantasy books that I’ve read and enjoyed that also feature heroines that are on the larger side.

First of all, I have to recommend that if you haven’t read Kimberly Lemming yet, you absolutely need to. Her fantasy romance novels feature fun, funny heroines and a rollicking good time. If you take yourself too seriously, her books aren’t for you. But if you love an excellent heroine and a stellar romance, give them a try. Her book That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted A Love Potion at a Werewolf (my favorite title of a book ever) features curvy cheese maven Brie (yup) does just what the title suggests and flings a love potion at Felix, who turns her life upside down. It really is the cutest, and you need to read it yesterday.

Another one of my favorites is T. Kingfisher. Kingfisher writes romances with heroines of all kinds, most of them in their thirties, which is almost unheard of in romance. Her best heroine is Clara from Paladin’s Strength. Clara is a nun on a mission to rescue her sister nuns. Clara is taller and broader than most men. Clara will absolutely f&ck your shit up. She is one of the most badass characters I’ve ever read, and the hero, a ladies man of a knight called Istvhan, takes one look at her and is smitten. The entire series is fantastic, but for me, Clara steals the show.

In the science fiction romance realm, one of my favorite authors is R. Lee Smith. An indie underground phenomenon, you either love Smith’s books or you despise them. They are gritty, brutal reads (the opposite end of light and fun) but Smith is so deft at world-building and character depth that you won’t care that the heroine of the book is stubborn and impossible to like. You just want to know what happens next. The stellar The Last Hour of Gann is a scifi epic of a human woman named Amber who is stranded on an alien planet with humans that hate her, and aliens that do, too. Amber is fat and rude and bossy, and one of the best characters I’ve ever read. She never gives up, and her story will stay with you a long, long time. This book has all the trigger warnings, so check the reviews to see if it’s your thing. I personally read this one at least twice a year because it’s just that good.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Michele Mills writes sci-fi romance that features all of the classic tropes, but in space. Her heroines are self-proclaimed curvy girls, and her flagship series is actually called Monsters Love Curvy Girls. In His Human Nanny, a demonic-looking alien needs, well, a nanny. These are sweet, fun reads that emphasize inclusivity and the benefits of mating an alien. As you do.

 I also can’t forget monster romance, which is the crazy lovechild of paranormal romance and a LOT of imagination. Do you want a plus size heroine and your monster of choice? Ashley Bennett’s Muscles & Monsters features a plump heroine who joins a gym and falls for a hunky werewolf trainer. Kathryn Moon’s Games with the Orc has a plus-size woman who hires an orc sex-worker, and the steam is off the charts. Lillian Lark’s Deceived By the Gargoyles has a plus-size blonde who adores pretty dresses…and the three gargoyles (yes, three) that she falls into a relationship with. All three authors write heroines of different sizes (many of them on the plus side) and are irresistible to their men.

I cannot confirm whether any of these heroines have violet eyes, but I can reassure you that no one’s waist is being spanned by anyone’s hands, and each book is an excellent, excellent time.

Happy Reading! 

Xo Ruby

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