Overrun Signing at Forbidden Planet table at LSCC

9 February 2016

Andi Ewington, the writer of Overrun, will be signing the Forbidden Planet Exclusive four-issue set at London Super Comic Con.overunset.jpg

Andi will be at the Forbidden Planet tables (D117 to D121, right by the main entrance) at 12:00 and 3:00 on Saturday 20th February.

The city is at a breaking point. Living space is running out. Those in power are forced to execute a desperate measure - introduce a poison to wipe out a huge part of the population.

This is no ordinary city, however. Overrun takes the reader into the heart of their own computer. Citizens are files. There are .xls business people, sexy spams and hip musician .mp4s. The space which is running out is memory - the poison a computer virus.   Political intrigue and epic action scenes take place inside this lovingly crafted world as we follow a group of friends, forgotten computer game heroes, as they fight their way through the virus infection which is transforming their fellow citizens into memory sucking zombies.

If you can't make it, pre-order a signed set here.