Our Top Ten Toys Of 2020

11 January 2021

We are taking a look back at our favourite Toys of 2020.

This is our Top Ten - but please let us know your choices by adding a comment at the bottom of the page. 

Just some of our faves were...

Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary: Pop! Vinyl Figure: Black Panther Chrome

To celebrate 10 amazing years of Marvel Studios films, the mighty crew at Funko created a series of gold chrome Marvel Pop! figures to commemorate the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Wakanda Forever!

Order here.

More from Marvel Movies - and more from Funko - and we are very happy with that!

We loved Myserio in Spider-Man: Homecoming and loved this figure just as much.

Check it out.

Star Wars: A New Hope: Retro Collection Action Figure: Princess Leia

The first - but not the last - from Star Wars and the brilliant crew at Hasbro Toys.

These Retro Collection figures are inspired by the original sculpt and design of the ‘70s Kenner collection. Now you can relive the thrill of first seeing toys from a galaxy far, far away!

Pick Your Princess!

Star Wars: A New Hope: Retro Collection Action Figure: Han Solo

Well, come on, we couldn't have Leia without this guy could we?

Bring me Solo....

IT: Chapter 2: Pop! Vinyl Figure: Pennywise With Boat (10 Inch)

We think all clowns are scary - and none more so than Pennywise.  However, this giant 10 inch Pop figure really floated our boat!

Order here.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Vintage Collection Action Figure: Boba Fett (2019 Reissue)

Nope - we just have to stick with Star Wars, especially when we are talking about the mighty Boba Fett!

Hunt the bounty.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian: Black Series Action Figure: Heavy Infantry Mandalorian

Two things we loved in 2020? The Mandalorian on TV and the ongoing brilliance of the suberbly detailed figures in the Hasbro Black Series range.  This Infantryman was just one of many we could have put on this list!

Order here

Doctor Who: Electronic TARDIS: 13th Doctor

Despite not actualy transporting us through time and space, we were very excited by this version of the 13th Doctor's TARDIS with lights and authentic sounds!

Avialable now.

Doctor Who: 13th Doctor: Action Figure: Resolution Recon Dalek

It just wouldn't be a Forbidden Planet toy list without a Dalek - and this 'junkyard' version from the Resolution episode is a new fave!


Planet Funko Range

Please excuse us if the 10th item is a tiny cheat....

Early in 2020 we were thrilled to work with our good friends at Funko to present the Planet Funko range of exclusive figures - including Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper designed by New York grafitti legend Futura 2000 and a giant 10-inch Rick!

Visit Planet Funko now.