On John Harris

14 January 2015

Few artists are celebrated by some of science-fiction’s greatest authors as well as NASA itself.

From Clarke to Asimov and Wilbur Smith to Orson Scott Card via countless others, John’s cover art occupies a unique place amongst his contemporaries. His ability to capture evocative moods and mesmerizing imagery is, I feel, motivated by atmosphere over content. Some might refer to his work as having an organic, “painterly” quality when compared to the sea of airbrushed or digitally manipulated art that is now associated with this art form.

From a film-maker’s perspective, what draws me to John’s work is the sense of scale that flows from every inch of the canvas. Each painting serving to remind us of how insignificant humans are when confronted with the enormity of space.

Staring into the abyss of John’s universe gives me vertigo, yet at the same time makes me want to step inside the canvas, to look beyond the wonders only hinted at. I want to experience their full impact, scale and magnitude.

To date, we have made 2 films. The first one, “The Secret History of the Earth” deals with Man’s relationship with the Earth. The 2nd, “Beyond the horizon is a compilation of John’s work within the sci-fi field.

We are currently working on a third film focusing on one of John’s personal projects. The film will come out next year. There is a dedicated website for all these documentaries entitled Hidden Sun.

All these films are closely linked with John’s new book entitled “Beyond The Horizon: The Art of John Harris”.

Beyond The Horizon - The Art of John Harris from Magenta Films on Vimeo.

For more info on John you can visit his agent’s website.

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