The Illustrated Guides to Middle-Earth

7 June 2019

There are few fantasy creators that have ever compared to the sheer imaginative scale of J R R Tolkien, and few scholars that have ever known Tolkien’s work as well as David Day. 

And here, in his latest three illustrated books, Day takes three new looks Tolkien’s world and vision.

The Hobbits of Tolkien

‘In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit’. Day looks at the riddles, puns and mystical meanings behind the hobbit race, and their presence in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

 A Dictionary of Sources of Tolkien

After four decades of research onto Tolkien’s work, Day takes us on a journey of beasts and battles, heroes and heroines, lands and languages, as he explores the history and geography of Middle-Earth.

Featuring over two hundred illustrations and a full appendix, this is an exploration of the Volsunga Saga, the Nibelungenlied and Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

 The Illustrated World of Tolkien

This gorgeous work gathers together artworks and essays from expert illustrators, painters and etchers, plus Day’s expert scholarly writing. It’s an exquisite reference guide for any fan of Tolkien’s work, and his imaginative brilliance.

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