FPTV: Matthew Rosenberg & Declan Shalvey: Red, White & Blood

20 October 2020

Two of the nicest guys working for the Marvel Bullpen today - Dynamite Declan Shalvey and Magnificent Matthew Rosenberg - swing by our virtual green room to give Sumner the lowdown on their contributions to the epic first issue of the new, artery-bursting Wolverine anthology series: WOLVERINE - RED, WHITE & BLOOD! Rosenberg writes a Wolverine/classic Nick Fury undercover spy team-up illustrated by Joshua Cassara, while Shalvey writes AND illustrates a tale of Logan finding himself in a deadly trap! Plus: there's an epic opening story from Gerry Duggan & the legendary Adam Kubert, returning to the days of the Weapon X program.

All of these mighty tales are illustrated in black & white, with a fatal dose of BLOOD RED, and you can pre-order the first issue below.