FPTV: Femi Fadugba weaves a game-changing tale of love, violence & time travel in The Upper World!

2 September 2021

Quantum-physicist-turned-author Femi Fadugba joins Andrew Sumner at Forbidden Planet TV to tell us all about his debut novel, the game-changing thriller The Upper World, an amazing multi-levelled wild ride that is already being developed into a movie by Netflix and Daniel Kaluuya!

The story of two teenagers a generation apart, connected across time by one bullet about to devastate both of their lives.

2020: Close to getting expelled and caught up in a deadly feud, the tensions surrounding Esso seem to be leading to a single moment that could shatter his future.

2035: Stripped of everything, football prodigy Rhia has just one thing left on her mind - figuring out how to avert a bullet that was fired fifteen years in the past.

Everything changes when Esso gains access to a mysterious world where he can see glimpses of the past and future, and when Rhia starts understanding the physics of it. The two must work together to master the secrets of the Upper World and seize control of their own destinies before it’s too late.

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