FPTV: Brigid Kemmerer Encourages Us All To Defy The Night

13 October 2021

New York Times best-selling author Brigid Kemmerer joins us at Forbidden Planet TV to tell us about her latest epic novel: Defy The Night.

In a kingdom where sickness stalks the streets and only the richest can afford a cure, King Harriston and Prince Corrick are forced to rule with an iron fist. Tessa Cade is a masked outlaw marked for death, but she likes it that way. 

Together with the mysterious, handsome Weston, she robs from the rich to help the poor, distributing food and medicine to those who need it most. As it becomes clear that the only way to save her people is to assassinate the King, Tessa must face a deadly mission that will take her to the dark heart of the kingdom … and force her to work with the very people she intended to destroy.

Brigid has created a rich new fantasy series about a corrupt kingdom, a star-crossed romance and a girl who will do anything for justice. A spark of rebellion is all it takes to DEFY THE NIGHT.

You can order Defy The Night from Forbidden Planet below.