Forbidden Planet Was At Nine Worlds: Geekfest

9 September 2014

Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014

Forbidden Planet Was At Nine Worlds Geekfest In London This August!

This year, Nine Worlds celebrated its second birthday at the Raddison Blu, Heathrow, and cemented it's reputation as the one of the most exciting and freshest conventions out there. With a huge and diverse programme that covered everything from knitting to gaming to books and movies, Nine Worlds is one of the most inclusive cons you could attend.

Forbidden Planet was there for the whole weekend! We were excited to host amazing signings throughout the weekend.

Guests included: Lauren Beukes, Joanne Harris, Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Ed Cox, Den Patrick, Claire North (aka Kate Griffin aka Catherine Webb), Jen Williams and many others.

Some of the incredible authors we had signing at our table:
Jen Williams and Lauren Beukes
Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear

Nick Harkaway, Paul Cornell and Claire North
Ed Cox and Benedict Jacka

Joanne Harris, John Hornor Jacobs and Will Hill
Paul McAuley, Den Patrick and Gareth L. Powell

Joanne Harris, John Hornor Jacobs and Will Hill
Paul McAuley, Den Patrick and Gareth L. Powell

Nine Worlds is lauded as one of the most exciting and inclusive cons being held anywhere in the world. Focusing on fans and engagement with SF in all its forms, Nine Worlds is set to become one of the staples of the con circuit in years to come.

Panels were divided into tracks such as
the Academia Track (e.g. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and Philosophy (Or, how Granny Weatherwax Out-Nietzsches Nietzsche) and Deadly Little Bodies: The Silent Asian Female Assassins in Contemporary Comics);
All Of The Books (e.g. Review Your Manuscript with Conville & Walsh
; Urban Fantasy: Cities of Angels & Demons & Bug-Monsters; Dragons vs Werewolves vs Vampires vs Warlocks: The Ultimate Deathmatch Smackdown);
and many others (Cosplay, Creative Writing, Doctor Who, FanFic, Film Festival, Food Geekery, Future Tech, Knitting, LARP, Podcasting, Race & Culture, LGBTQAI Fandom, Skepticism, Steampunk, Video Games and Whedon!)

There is (as they say) something for everyone, so make sure you come down next year!