Kelly Link reveals the beautiful truth about THE BOOK OF LOVE!

14 February 2024


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Another Valentine's Day is upon us at Forbidden Planet TV and multi-award-winning author is here to tell Laura Jayne Dodd all about her first novel: THE BOOK OF LOVE!

Supernatural beings and chaos descend on the small seaside town of Lovesend, Massachusetts, in the wake of the unexpected return of three missing teenagers.

Laura, Daniel and Mo disappeared without trace a year ago. 

They have long been presumed dead. 

Which they were. 

But now they are not. 

And it is up to the resurrected teenagers to discover what happened to them.

Revived by Mr Anabin, the man they knew as their high school music teacher, they are offered a chance to return to the mortal realm. 

But first they must solve the mystery of their death and learn to use the magic they now possess. 

And only two of them may stay.

What they do not realise is their return has upset a delicate balance that has held (just about) for centuries.

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