Jay McGuiness introduces his debut novel BLOOD FLOWERS!

15 February 2024


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Jay McGuiness, singer-songwriter from The Wanted, joins us at Forbidden Planet TV to discuss his breathtaking YA novel: BLOOD FLOWERS!

BLOOD FLOWERS is an explosive new dystopian romantasy YA, written by Jay McGuiness from the internationally-adored band The Wanted! It's a beautifully-told tale with themes of poverty, class divide and addiction - plus powerful plot, sweeping, heartfelt romance and an iconic new YA hero!

Seventeen-year-old Bear lives in the walled town of Calleston – a place of stark divide between the rich and poor. Living down in Cobbleside, Bear is painfully conscious of the inequalities between him and residents of Roofside.

When the town’s annual Field Day – an event during which those who’ve recently come of age test their Sinsen growing capacities – shows Bear to have unprecedented abilities, he’s hurtled into the upper echelons of society, and everything he’s ever wanted is within his grasp. But it soon becomes apparent, that it’s not all he expected it to be. He finds himself existing amidst an uncaring, callous people, concerned only with themselves, living in a society in which corruption is rife.

Finding himself unwillingly entangled with the Overlord’s beautiful but spiteful daughter, Bear is forced to make decisions which may jeopardise everything he’s dreamed of – or risk the lives of the people he once lived amongst...

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