Garth Ennis returns to THE PUNISHER in 2024!

20 February 2024


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Our old pal Garth Ennis returns to Forbidden Planet TV to celebrate his upcoming return to THE PUNISHER with GET FURY, his long-awaited Frank Castle vs Nick Fury five part series coming later this year! But before that, Marvel are releasing all-new editions of THE PUNISHER MAX omnibus editions beginning with Volume One and he's here to tell Andrew Sumner all about it! 

But BEFORE we get to that, we kick off with Garth and Sumner discussing one of their favourite Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry flicks, the stone-cold classic that is MAGNUM FORCE!

It’s The Punisher at his deadliest as revered writer Garth Ennis starts his landmark run! Hard-hitting Punisher tales by one of Frank Castle’s signature writers! But do The Punisher’s origins trace back even farther than the fateful day in the park when he lost his family?

In Vietnam, with his platoon under attack, Captain Castle must make a grim choice. And in the modern day, Punisher’s old partner, Microchip, resurfaces with a startling offer! Nick Fury has a proposition, too a dangerous mission involving a Siberian nuclear missile silo and a lethal retrovirus.

But Castle’s actions set off a chain reaction that will bring him into conflict with a ruthless Russian general - and take the world to the brink of war.

Plus: Mobster Nicky Cavella returns to plague the Punisher, and a wave of violence rocks New York to its core!

COLLECTING: BORN #1-4 and PUNISHER (2004) #1-30 Explicit Content

You can pre-order both editions of The Punisher MAX omnibus volume one below.