Garth Ennis delivers a brutal return to Ian Fleming's ruthless bastard in JAMES BOND 007!

7 February 2024


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Garth Ennis returns to Forbidden Planet TV to chat with Andrew Sumner about his latest Dynamite Entertainment book: JAMES BOND 007, in which Garth returns to the brutal & ruthless Her Majesty's Top Assassin iteration of Bond that lives within Ian Fleming's original novels! And guess what? It's a marriage made in dark heaven, featuring uncompromising art from Rapha Lobosco and deadly-but-beautiful covers by Dave Johnson!

Codename: STALVODA Translation (from Russian): STEEL WATER

A relic of the Cold War, the deadly compound Stalvoda has a long-buried connection with MI6. So when it mysteriously reappears in disturbing circumstances, the agency naturally assigns its best operative to get to the bottom of things: 007 himself, James Bond.

But Bond isn’t the only one to have carried the double-0 rank, and with it MI6’s secrets. Former agent Archibald Tyron is another, and he’s also carrying a grudge - one that’s aimed squarely at the heart of His Majesty’s Secret Service!

Legendary comics author GARTH ENNIS (The Boys, Preacher, Battlefields, The Punisher) joins artist RAPHA LOBOSCO (James Bond: Black Box) and cover artist DAVE JOHNSON (100 Bullets, Superman: Red Son, Deadpool) to bring you Part One of ‘Your Cold, Cold Heart’ marking the 10-year anniversary of James Bond comics being published at Dynamite Entertainment!

You can order Garth's JAMES BOND 007 from Forbidden Planet right HERE.