Garth Ennis voyages beyond the edge of darkness with Hawk the Slayer!

9 December 2021

Preacher/The Boys/Marjorie Finnegan creator Garth Ennis returns to Forbidden Planet TV to talk with Andrew Sumner about one of their mutually-favourite childhood movies - Hawk The Slayer - and to reveal his plans for an all-new six-part Hawk the Slayer comic book series, illustrated by Henry Flint and bagged with each issue of Rebellion's Judge Dredd Megazine, starting with issue #440 in February 2022! 

This six-issue mini-series is a direct continuation of the 1980 movie (written and directed by Terry Marcel), in which Hawk - with his flying mindsword and mismatched allies - sets out to rescue a nun from his own evil brother Voltan (played by Jack Palance at his scenery-devouring best)! It seems that their movie victory was not all it seemed and that greater comic book battles lay ahead…

You can order Judge Dredd Megazine #440 below.

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