Garth Ennis returns to the front lines with BATTLE ACTION VOLUME TWO!

28 February 2024


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Garth Ennis parachutes behind Forbidden Planet TV front lines for a stealth combat conversation with Andrew Sumner about volume two of his glorious resurrection of BATTLE ACTION for our pals at Rebellion! Volume Two features amazing guns-blazing work from Garth himself and a special ops team of his favourite creators: John Wagner, Torunn Grønbekk, Chris Burnham, Keith Burns, Henry Flint, Rob Williams, Dan Abnett & John Higgins!


Air Ace Johnny Red and Angel of Death Nina Petrova face off against the Nazi invaders, lethal British agent Dredger deals with the abduction of the only person dear to his stony heart, and the louche Major Eazy must lead his men through the Devil’s Garden of El Alamein. 

There’s action aplenty with roguish British commandoes Rat Pack, along with Death Squad, their equally deadly German counterparts. 

And the hellish arctic ocean is the setting for HMS Nightshade, the classic tale of war at sea.

Writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Boys) is joined by an incredible roster of top-tier talent, with stories by original Battle Action writer John Wagner (Judge Dredd, Robo-Hunter), Torunn Gronbekk (Thor, Red Sonja), Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Petrol Head) and Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy, Lawless), and featuring art by industry greats like Keith Burns (Out of the Blue), Chris Burnham (Batman, Doom Patrol), Henry Flint (Hawk The Slayer) and John Higgins (Watchmen, Dreadnoughts). There’s blazing Battle Action on every page!

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