Dave Gibbons discusses anecdotes, autobiography and CONFABULATION!

6 June 2023


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Comics legend DAVE GIBBONS (Watchmen, Kingsman, Martha Washington, The Originals) last appeared on Forbidden Planet TV for his annual Yuletide message on Christmas Day - now he's back to chat with us about the recent publication of his superb graphic memoir (edited by Tim Pilcher and published by Dark Horse): CONFABULATION!

Confabulation: An Anecdotal Autobiography

CONFABULATION is a comprehensive, in-depth, and personal journey through the eyes of one of the world’s most famous comics creators!

Presented as alphabetically-chaptered memoirs, these extensive anecdotes cover a legendary life in comics, from working on Doctor Who and meeting Tom Baker to being inducted into the Eisner Hall of Fame.

Gibbons also discusses, for the first time anywhere, the reasons why he and fellow Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore no longer speak. Packed with over 300 iconic, rarely seen, and unpublished art pieces and photographs.

CONFABULATION: An Anecdotal Autobiography not only entertains, but peels back the layers of a fascinating career in comics. Rarely seen and unpublished art and photographs from Dave Gibbons!

You can buy signed copies of Confabulation: An Anecdotal Autobiography below.

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