Claudia Christian discusses her debut comic series DARK LEGACIES!

24 May 2023


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Actor, singer, author and Babylon 5 legend CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN joins us at Forbidden Planet TV to discuss her fascinating multi-levelled career and the creation of her debut comic book series CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN’S DARK LEGACIES!

Along the way, Claudia announces her upcoming signing at Forbidden Planet London [on Saturday June 10th at 3pm] and chats with Sumner about comic book creativity, the legacy of Steve Ditko, the works of Brubaker & Phillips, the tirelessness of Chris McAuley, the artistic brilliance of Staz Johnson and Glenn Fabry, the euphoric power of the Bridge Theatre’s immersive production of Guys and Dolls and her unique journey to becoming a sci-fi fantasy icon. Claudia also discusses her important work with the C Three Foundation - her global non-profit devoted to helping those struggling with alcohol use disorder.

The Expanse meets the Terminator meet Blade Runner in this hard hitting action sci-fi thriller created by Babylon 5 actor Claudia Christian.

At this point in time Earth is emerging from a dystopian past, moving from a brutal governmental regime to democracy. Commander Jessica Steele finds herself caught in a web of intrigue as the legacies of the totalitarian past surround her.

Dark secrets are uncovered and all hell is let loose in this all action blockbuster, with pulse pounding art by 2000AD, DC Comics and Marvel Comics artist Staz Johnson. We meet a vengeful cyborg, secretive scientists and good old fashioned heroes in this first issue, ending in a character reveal that’ll make picking up issue #2 a no brainer.

You can pre-order a signed edition of CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN’S DARK LEGACIES #1 below.

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