Enter a replicant world of violence and fear in BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS!

9 August 2022


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Horror author Nancy Collins (Swamp Thing, Jason vs Leatherface) and comics artist supreme Enid Balám (Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, ExtraOrdinary) blast their way into the dark & violent world of L.A. 2032 in Titan Comics' BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS, continuing the pulse-pounding adventures of anime replicant Elle - and they're here at Forbidden Planet TV to tell us all about it!

Set after the events of the Blade Runner: Black Lotus anime series!

Elle, AKA Black Lotus, hoped she could leave behind her violent past and find a new life. But is that possible in a world where replicants are still hunted and feared? FEARED.

Expanding the world of Blade Runner with a new type of replicant!

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