Forbidden Planet - Day One

22 July 1978

The original Forbidden Planet opened at 23 Denmark Street, (also known as the famous Tin Pan Alley) in the heart of London's West End on July 22nd 1978. It wasn't long before FP became the UK's number one specialist store in science fiction, comic books and movie-related memorabilia. 

(Below) Teaser flyer announcing the opening on July 22nd. Don't laugh at the 'big value' 50p offer. In 1978, 50p would have been worth as much as a fiver in today's money (2018).


(Below) Brian Bolland's stunning artwork for the store's promotion "People Like Us Shop at Forbidden Planet."


(Below) A collector's item! The first Forbidden Planet plastic carrier bag.

(Below) From the day it opened, Forbidden Planet was always busy.

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