Find Chaffy at Forbidden Planet

12 October 2015


1st – 31st October 2015

Chaffies are small, cute creatures, with one and a half ears. They are friendly and loyal but also rather stupid, and they’re often getting themselves lost! And on of them is hiding at our London store!

Anyone lucky enough to find this Chaffy (and he is quite easy to spot), can enter the contest to win one of their own! All you have to do is take a selfie with Chaffy in it, and then tweet it to @forbiddenplanet using the hashtag #CHAFFYATFP. We’ll be picking five selfies at random, and sending the lucky winners their own Chaffy toy along with a Find Chaffy certificate, badges, notebooks and stickers.

This event runs from 1st – 31st October, so there’s plenty of time to find Chaffy at Forbidden Planet!


Find Chaffy is the brainchild of Jamie Smart, a comic book artist from the UK. The idea began ten years ago on Myspace, as a spoof of the ‘Lost Pet’ posters. A number of Chaffy soft toys were then made and sent around the world, with instructions that the recipient should take a photo of where their Chaffy is, before passing it on to someone else.

Find Chaffy then became a successful picture book series, published by Scholastic, with Chaffies hidden in amongst a variety of crazy illustrated scenes. Since then, Jamie has been busy hiding Chaffies around London, as well as working with some talented collaborators on a whole new world for Chaffy, due to be announced this October!