Eleventh Doctor 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Gold and Silver Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control - SOLD OUT

4 July 2013

You are the Doctor!
£119.95 SOLD OUT

Only 250 Available Worldwide

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Gold and Silver Plated, Hand Polished.
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Limited Edition Individually laser numbered.
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Includes deluxe box packaging and certificate of authenticity.


  • Guided Setup: Teaches you how to use it with spoken prompts
  • FX Mode: 13 authentic special FX sounds from the universe of Doctor Who
  • Bright illuminating tip: lights up in use and pulses when in standby
  • Advanced gesture recognition technology: 13 gestures multiplied by 3 memory banks means up to 39 remote control codes can be stored
  • Special features: Personal Lock Code, discover its secret communications
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  • Four functional modes activated by pressing the button
  • Practice Mode: Allows the user to learn how to perform the 13 movement gestures, with spoken feedback for guidance
  • Control Mode: Controls almost all domestic equipment such as TVs, DVD players, set-top boxes and iPod docks, sending an infrared (IR) control code and making the classic Sonic Screwdriver sound with each gesture
  • Quiet Control Mode: Controls equipment with just a discreet click for each gesture
  • FX Mode: Plays one of 13 authentic sound effects from 50 years of Doctor Who with each gesture (but does not send any IR control codes)
  • One extra mode for setup
  • Programming Mode: Up to 39 infrared (IR) control codes are programmed by learning from existing remote controls

Practising with the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Programming the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control


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