Adventures in Science at Forbidden Planet

27 March 2018

Adventures in Science is a neon-soaked, darkly comic technicolour graphic novel that dares to tell the fates of imagined futures. Each story is a self-contained 'what-if', a pulpy and adventuristic delight, a sideways glance at what could be.

And we've got a fabulous sneak peak at some of its best interior art...


From BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS, written by Matt Fitch and C. S. Baker, art by Casper Wijngaard


From FOURTEEN ARMS TO HOLD YOU, written by Matt Fitch and C. S Baker, art by Jacen Burrows


From NO SIGNAL, written by Paul Clark-Forse, art by John Aggs


From EYE IN THE SKY, written by Matt Fitch, art by Franis Totti


From DEADLY SKIES, written by Mark Lewis, art by Geoff Senior



From 21st CENTURY BLUES, witten by Paul Clark-Forse, art by Krent Able


 For the full experience, come down to the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 31st March and pick up your signed copy! Full details - here!