Adam Simcox discusses THE GENERATION KILLER at Forbidden Planet TV LIVE!

13 December 2022


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Filmmaker/author Adam Simcox caught up with Andrew Sumner (and filmmaker supreme Phil Wallis) during Forbidden Planet TV LIVE at London's recent MCM Comic Con. We're big fans of Adam's DYING SQUAD series of supernatural detective novels and Adam told Sumner what everyone can expect from the second epic book in this hard-hitting series - THE GENERATION KILLER - while revealing the title of the upcoming third book, coming in 2023: THE UNGRATEFUL DEAD!

The Generation Killer

The second thrilling instalment of Adam Simcox’s ‘wildly entertaining’ (Adam Hamdy) THE DYING SQUAD series.

There’s a new serial killer on the streets of Manchester - and only a dead cop can stop them.

Detective Joe Lazarus works for the Dying Squad, solving crimes the living police can’t. When the Generation Killer starts wiping out Manchester’s innocents, Joe and his new partner Bits have mere hours to catch the murderer. A young woman’s life depends on it.

Joe’s former partner Daisy-May has her own problems. Children are going missing in the afterlife, and she’s the only one who seems to care. Her investigation uncovers a conspiracy so vast, it threatens both the living and the dead.

Her predecessor the Duchess can’t help this time; she’s tracked her treacherous sister, Hanna, to Tokyo, where she’s been recruiting the dead. The Duchess must enlist the help of a local detective if she’s to have any choice of stopping her.

Time is running out for the Dying Squad. And if they can’t crack their cases, it’s the living that will pay…

Full interview can be found here!