Top Star Wars Products To Look Forward To

[Prop Replicas: Episode V Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Helmet]

Star Wars: Prop Replicas: Episode V Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Helmet

"Red Five standing by"

It's one of the most iconic moments (obviously it's not THE iconic moment, but it's pretty near the top of the list) in the Star Wars saga - and so deserves some high quality merchandise. Like this amazing replica of Luke Skywalker's helmet.

[Diorama: I Am Your Father: Darth Vader VS Luke Bespin]

Star Wars: Diorama: I Am Your Father: Darth Vader VS Luke Bespin

Now this IS the iconic moment from Star Wars. You know it. It's been parodied in literally everything ever. Luke. Darth Vader. Big air shaft. Severed Hand. "Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father". Crying. Falling. Pure Cinematic Brilliance.

You can understand why we're excited for this diorama, featuring the Duel on Cloud City at it's most climactic moment.

[Hot Toys Deluxe Action Figure 2 Pack: Episode V Luke Skywalker Bespin]

Star Wars: Hot Toys Deluxe Action Figure 2 Pack: Episode V Luke Skywalker Bespin

OK, so there was a big lightsaber duel on cloud city, what happens next? Of course Luke throws himself down the big shaft rather than join Darth Vader, only to find himself hanging off a weather vane, half dead.

It's nail biting stuff and soon you can re-enact those scenes with this set from Hot Toys which comes with not one, but two uncannily realistic looking Luke Skywalkers, one fresh faced and ready for battle, the other looking a bit worse for wear.

[Discover The Force 3D: Episode 1: Action Figure: Darth Maul]

Star Wars: Discover The Force 3D: Episode 1: Action Figure: Darth Maul

Probably the coolest looking Star Wars character since that Darth Vader guy, the Dathomitian Zabrak Darth Maul was equally as terrifying as his Sith predecessor (I know technically Darth Vader came after Darth Maul but I was talking in terms of the film's release order).

Remember how cool it was when those hangar doors opened to reveal Maul standing there, all intimidating and scary? And then, in a Star Wars first, he took on two Jedi at the same time in an epic lightsaber duel! Now you can reenact those scenes - and like the newly released film, it can be in 3D!

[Mini Bust: Wicket W Warrick]

Star Wars: Mini Bust: Wicket W Warrick

People may think of the Ewoks as nothing more than cute, sentient teddy bears but, as everyone seems to forget - THEY WERE GOING TO EAT EVERYONE! It was only after some pleading from C-3P0 and Leia that Han, Luke and Chewbacca avoided becoming dinner. Plus they took on the Empire - and won with nothing more than a few sticks and some ropes. Then they used the Stormtroopers' disembodied heads as drums in their victory party. That's pretty terrifying. So don't look at this bust as a tribute to a cuddly miniature Wookiee, but instead as a representation of one of Star Wars' most bloodthirsty warriors (or monsters if you're an Imperial)

[Prop Replica: Stormtrooper Helmet Episode IV]

Star Wars: Prop Replica: Stormtrooper Helmet Episode IV

Speaking of disembodied stormtrooper heads, while this helmet doesn't have a head inside it, it can still be used as part of a drum kit (please don't use it as part of a drum kit, it's rather expensive and probably won't survive being hit repeatedly - it's really more of an ornament).

Made to match the original helmets as closely as possible, this is going to look amazing.

[Giant Retro Action Figure: Greedo]

Star Wars: Giant Retro Action Figure: Greedo

Poor old Greedo, he never had a chance, gunned down in cold blood for no reason. At least you can continue his adventures with this giant sized action figure. You could pair him up with the giant retro Han Solo figure and give the Rodian bounty hunter the revenge he deserves. Or you could relive what it would be like to be a child in the 70s, seeing Star Wars for the first time and getting a Greedo figure to make all your friends jealous!

[Mini Talking Plush: Chewbacca]

Star Wars: Mini Talking Plush: Chewbacca

I can't wait to hear what quotes this Chewbacca plush says, I'm hoping for 'ROOOOOAAAAAARGGGGHHHHHHH" and "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHH". Although more likely it'll be what's on all the posters, y'know, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"

[The Essential Guide To Warfare]

Star Wars: The Essential Guide To Warfare

Considering that it's one of the two words in the title, there's not been much focus in the series on the Wars. Sure, there's been a lot of fighting, but this book focuses on the actual epic confrontations between the various factions that exist in the Star Wars universe as opposed to the odd battles here and there.

[Environment: Jabba's Palace Archway]

Star Wars: Environment: Jabba's Palace Archway

Was this the archway that Lando Calrissian stood under while disguised as a guard? Or perhaps this was the very piece of wall that Boba Fett stood near while flirting with a sexy dancer girl? Could Max Rebo have set up his Nalargon organ by this doorway? Did famed Jedi Master and saviour of the Rebel Alliance, Luke Skywalker pass through this door? It could even be the very same area in Jabba's palace that Buboicullaar (look him up) plotted to foil an assassination attempt on the Crime lord's life.