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The Top 25 Toys Of 2011

[Doctor Who: Action Figure Collectors Set: The Caves Of Androzani (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]

9. Doctor Who: Action Figure Collectors Set: The Caves Of Androzani (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

From one of the greatest serials in Doctor Who history comes this great set, featuring the deformed genius Sharaz Jek and the Fifth Doctor's beautiful companion Peri. If you haven't seen The Caves Of Androzani, go see it now! And then buy this set once you have!

[Doctor Who: Bump & Go Cybermat]

8. Doctor Who: Bump & Go Cybermat

It's already in our best Doctor Who Goodies list, but that doesn't make it any less of an awesome toy!

The Cybermat is able to run around the house and change direction when it comes into contact with something - it may also act as a scout to incoming Cybermen, but that has been unconfirmed by the manufacturers. It looks great and is the same size and scale as the one featured in 'Closing Time', so it makes the perfect addition to your Craig Owens costume! (I guess it's more likely people will have an 11th Doctor Costume, but there might be one or two die hard Craig Owens fans out there!)

[Futurama: Talking Action Figures: Bender]

7. Futurama: Talking Action Figures: Bender

Surely Bender is everyone's favourite Futurama character? Well, to be honest i'm a fan of Slurms McKenzie, but considering he's only in one episode and he dies at the end, I guess Bender is better. The Mexican, beer drinking, cigar smoking Robot is now a cool figurine (he's been a figurine before but this one is cooler) that speaks some choice quotes from the show!

[Star Wars: Ultimate FX Lightsaber: Wave 1: Darth Vader]

6. Star Wars: Ultimate FX Lightsaber: Wave 1: Darth Vader

pssssshhwwwwwwww wwwwwaaaaaaoooooommmmmmm wwwwwaaaaaaaooooooommmmmm kkooooorrrrr ppaaaaaaaaa kkoooooooorrrrrrr ppaaaaaaaaaaa wwwwwaaaaaoooommmmmmmm wwwaaaaaaaaoooooommmmmm kachow bzzzzzzzzzzztttt

This lightsaber does have it's own noises, but we all know you'll be making them yourself.

[Marvel Select: Action Figures: Deadpool]

5. Marvel Select: Action Figures: Deadpool

So I read about this Deadpool guy and he seems to be just a parody of Deathstroke. Boring. Pass.

Just kidding! Arguably one of Marvel's most popular characters, with the ability to appear in what seems like every single comic book ever printed, it's about time the Merc with a Mouth had his own Marvel Select figure. With guns and knives and swords and a bit of wall to stand next to, this is without doubt the best figurine of a fictional Canadian released this year.

How great was he in Wolverine? I loved it when they stitched up his mouth and he had knives that came out his arms. Brilliant. What? Oh, ok... I'll get my coat.

[Star Wars: Lego: Millennium Falcon]

4. Star Wars: Lego: Millennium Falcon

I had thought about crowbarring Lego references into Star Wars quotes, but I couldn't seem to make it work: "It made the kessel run in less than 12 bricks", "That's no moon, that's a Lego!", "She's the fastest hunk of construction toy in the galaxy", "Brick the brick, Brick!" See what I mean? Awful. But while the merging of Lego and Star Wars doesn't particularly work when it comes to quotes, when it comes to everything else, it's pretty spectacular. Like this Millenium Falcon, just a regular Millenium Falcon is cool, but a Lego one? Awesome. Complete with a whole cast of characters, this Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 stock light freighter is just briliant.

[Doctor Who: Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)]

3. Doctor Who: Action Figure Collectors Set: The Chase (Forbidden Planet Exclusive)

Chances are if you're looking at this list you probably have some form of Dalek toy, but it's pretty unlikely that you'll own a Mechanoid, which is why you need this set! Yes, that's right, you need it - two Daleks and a Mechanoid with shooty flame bits!

[Portal: Plush: Companion Cube]

2. Portal: Plush: Companion Cube

Has anyone tried explaining the Companion Cube to someone who has never played Portal? "It's a box that you use to solve puzzles. No it doesn't talk, you just sort of pick it up and move it around. It's really just a box with a heart on it. Then you have to burn it and you feel sad."

Like much of Portal it only really makes sense when you play it, much like how turning the Cube into a plush toy makes perfect sense! While it probably won't help you weigh down any switches, it will provide comfort and reassurance despite only having a very low level of sentience.

[Doctor Who: Set: Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver]

1. Doctor Who: Set: Personalise Your Sonic Screwdriver

If Lego has taught us anything, it's that things are more fun if you build them yourself. Take the humble Sonic Screwdriver for example - yes, it may have a million and one uses, but if everyone has the exact same copy, it starts to get a bit boring - thankfully, we have this fantastic set which allows you to combine different parts together to create a unique screwdriver. You can make a copy of the 11th Doctor's Screwdriver if you want, but wouldn't it be more fun to have one with a head that swivels? Or a steampunk-esque handle?